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'The Noisy Freaks - Tonight'

- Something for the weekend? How about this club stormer? The arpeggio during the intro sounds a good deal like the riff from Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodynamic’ but adds some nice flourishes to veer it away from being a straight rip off. As for the main track, normally I don’t go in for the ‘glitch riff’ approach. To me it normally comes across as showing off. Here though the Noisy Freaks keep things restrained (if that makes sense) so the melody can breathe. Downloaded this for free via -

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'Gramatik - Probmatik Monster Stomp (Feat. ProbCause)'

- Right from the unorthodox intro this hip-hop jam is something special indeed. The beats are fresh and the rhymes are tight. It’s so good and yet so criminally short. So much so that I’m wondering if it’s a sampler edit. Either way, follow the Soundcloud link below to grab a free download.

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